The first line of defense against the elements – your roof – should always be in top shape. The safety of your family and the things you own depend mainly on whether or not your shelter is well protected. Indeed, it makes sense to know the most common signs that help determine that your home needs roof repair in San Marcos, CA.

Here are some of them:

Water stains on ceilings. If you notice water stains on the ceilings, a leak in your roofing is likely the culprit. Call a professional to do the inspection and repair before getting worse. Yes, you can DIY this task, but some leaks are so tiny that they require the expertise of a professional using special equipment to pinpoint such leaks.

Missing shingles. Missing shingles are usual scenarios, especially after heavy rain, wind, and storm. But realize that there’s an underlying problem with missing shingles. That probably means these shingles have deteriorated so that their nails can no longer hold them in place.

Sagging rooflines. When you see a sagging roofline, the structural integrity of your roof is likely compromised. And the culprit? Rainwater seeping through the leaks. So, if you notice even a slight sag in your rooflines, do the inspection promptly. Act before the problem gets bigger; call a qualified professional for roof repair in San Marcos, CA.

Sagging gutters. Your gutter sags because debris tends to accumulate over time in a way that blocks the flow of rainwater to the downspouts. It puts unnecessary weight on the gutter. Therefore, gutters need routine cleaning to avoid such a scenario. A roofing company that offers gutter repair can be a big help to keep it in good shape.

Leaks. Of course, if you see even a tiny leak, fix it right away. Or else, you might wake up one morning and realize the damage is beyond repair and will spend a much bigger budget for new roof installation.

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