Fixing a shingle roof in San Diego is quite a challenge most especially for homeowners who have no enough experience in roofing repair. Aside from experience, it also needs enough time most especially if the damage is big. And, because it involves small pieces of roofing material, the task can become more tedious when compared to repairing other types of roofing. The good news is that there are a number of companies that specialize in shingle roof repair in San Diego. Homeowners just need to be keen at discerning which ones are highly qualified to provide roofing repair service.

Speaking of qualifications, here are some things to consider when hiring a contractor for shingle roof repair in San Diego:

  • Make sure the one you hire is licensed and insured so that you are assured that you have no financial and legal liabilities in case an accident happens to the worker while doing the repair.
  • It has long years of experience in the industry for quality roofing repair results (ask your prospects how long have they been in business)
  • Top quality portfolio (your prospect’s roofing projects in the past should be scrutinized to ensure that they indeed are able to provide quality shingle roof repair)
  • Industry recognition (top roofing repair service providers are recognized in the industry – check your prospect if their brand is included in the elite circle in area)

Here are some of the most common shingle roof problems that roofing companies are able to fix:

  • Aluminum ridge vent with nails
  • Blown off cap
  • Broken/leaking shingles
  • Delaminating/ sliding shingles
  • Drip edge with flat shelf
  • Ell flashing not sealed properly
  • Fasteners uplifting
  • Flashing rusting
  • Fiberglass intermat showing
  • Hail damage

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