Leaks found in roof‘s should be detected as early as possible to avoid further damage – not only to the roofing materials alone, but to what the roof is protecting. Imagine an expensive appliance or furnishing dampened with rainwater – isn’t it a big waste of money invested on such items?

There are a number of ways to use leaking roof detection to your advantage, but there is a process that has been embraced by many roofing contractors. We use infrared leak detection here in San Diego.

How does infrared leak detection work?

A thermal detection tool (such as infrared thermography) is used to detect leaks found in roof. The science behind the process is pretty basic. Thermal differences appear in different colors highlighting the area where leaks are detected.

A thermal detection tool can find those leaks hidden underneath or those that are not seen easily with the naked eye. It is capable of detecting moisture that has penetrated its way deep below the surface of the roof.

Thermal surveys are also effective for detecting moisture that has worked its way deep below the surface of the roof and saturated the roofing insulation.

Other issue associated with undetected leaks in San Diego

In many cases, leaks are detected only during the time when the extent of the damage is already far and wide. This is not because homeowners do not have way to conduct early detection, but because of complacency. There is a false sense of security thinking that for as long as drops of rainwater are not seen on the floor, it will be okay. Why do you need early leaking roof detection? To avoid roofing damage that will affect the value of the property. When a house is heavily damaged by water leaks, most especially in roofs the market value of the property can go significantly down – this could be a major issue particularly if the owner decides to sell.

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