A commercial roofing project is a serious undertaking because it involves substantial sums of money. Whether it is a repair or a new roof installation, you must be careful with your actions to avoid your money going down the drain. With that said, here are some things to consider before picking up the phone to talk to a commercial roof contractor in Mira Mesa, CA.

Know the average price

Whether it is a commercial roof repair project or a new roof installation, you should consider knowing the average price of such services in the area your commercial facility belongs. Doing so will give you crucial information about how big (or small) the disparity is between the average prices and the price a roofing company offers. If the price is significantly higher than the average, reconsider another option.

Read reviews

Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to learn about a particular commercial roof contractor in Mira Mesa, CA. The information comes from people who have first-hand experience with their service. And here is a crucial factor to think about: if a particular roofer has way more negative reviews than positive ones, don’t waste your time – find another prospect.

Compare prospective roofers

After doing some research and reviews, you should be able to build a list of prospects. It’s time to make a comparison. Put them side by side and compare them using the same criteria – according to your needs. It should allow you to narrow your list to the most qualified ones.

Consider eco-friendly incentives

As you may already know, the Federal Government and the State of California provide incentives and tax benefits for those choosing green or environmentally-friendly commercial roofing systems. So, ask your prospective commercial roofing contractors if they offer such options.

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