A leaky roof requires prompt attention. That is because this is a type of home repair that is considered as an “emergency” issue. That means, the longer you wait, the more serious damage it can possibly create to your roof and your property as a whole. But there is no need to go for roof replacement right away. Consider a more economical solution: residential re-roofing, San Marcos, CA.

What is re-roofing?

The “re-roofing” term is commonly used for the word “replacement,” which is not totally correct. That is because re-roofing pertains to layering new shingles on top of the existing ones (and usually with the same materials). Roof replacement, on the other hand, means the installation of a new roof, which includes the deck.

When should residential re-roofing, San Marcos, CA, be done?

When the integrity of the roof deck remains intact. Your roofing contractor should be good enough to determine whether or not the roof deck (the structure underneath where you put the new shingles on to) is still in good condition. Remember that you are putting new layers of shingles above and you need to ensure that it does not collapse when a new weight is put. However, if certain parts of the roof deck require repair, you might want to consider roof replacement instead.

When there is only one layer of shingles in place. Re-roofing is recommended if there is only one layer of shingles in place. Why? Remember that re-roofing does not remove the old shingles. When there are many layers of shingles, your roofer might not be able to drive the nails deep enough through the layers and might compromise the strength and durability to hold the new layer in place. Also, with the addition of the new layer of shingles, it could be more difficult to see what lies beneath, which means, some roofing issues might be left unseen.

The need to hire the most qualified re-roofing contractor

Projects like residential re-roofing, San Marcos, CA, requires some serious amount of money (some thousand dollars on average in the US). Thus, it is necessary to hire the most qualified in town if you do not want your money to go down the drain. With this, you have to consider the roofer’s experience, portfolio, licenses and/or certifications, list of completed projects, as well as recognition from reputable agencies or organizations in the industry.

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