What roof repair procrastination can cost you

Do you think it is just a small leak and that there is no need for immediate fix? Well, think again. You might want to reconsider your decision of postponing the repair. It’s better to do the fixing as soon as possible before it gets worse and can cost you more. Small roof leaks, if left unmanaged, can cause more damage to your home, which means more work (and more expense) for repairs.

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As they say, procrastination can cost you a lot, including the following:

It can ruin the structural foundation of your property. You noticed some drops of rainwater one day and then you saw the size doubled a few days after the first sighting. And because you did nothing to address the issue, the amount of rainwater leaking continued to increase — and bang! Now it is ruining your property in a scale you never imagined. Termites and molds thrive in the damped sections, most especially in the wooden parts of your house, and now they are ruining the structural foundation of your home in large scale.

Can damage flooring and fixtures. If rainwater makes it to your flooring, that is another issue
that you are going to deal with. Whether your floor is made of wood or concrete materials, it can still be vulnerable to damage brought about by rainwater through leaking roof. Apart from that, other stuff you may have underneath – appliances, furniture, upholstery, among others – could be compromised as well. This is why you better have the leaks fixed by a contractor who is an expert in roof repairs EL Cajon, CA, before it can cause more damage that is probably beyond ordinary repair.

Can affect the real estate value of your property. Molds, brittle structural foundations, among other factors, are to be blamed when your house is devalued the next time an appraiser inspects your property for assessment. You do not want your home to be underwater most especially if you have the intention to put it up for sale in the near future. So, fix roof leaks as soon as possible.

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Shingle roof repair in San Diego

Fixing a shingle roof in San Diego is quite a challenge most especially for homeowners who have no enough experience in roofing repair. Aside from experience, it also needs enough time most especially if the damage is big. And, because it involves small pieces of roofing material, the task can become more tedious when compared to repairing other types of roofing. The good news is that there are a number of companies that specialize in shingle roof repair in San Diego. Homeowners just need to be keen at discerning which ones are highly qualified to provide roofing repair service.

Speaking of qualifications, here are some things to consider when hiring a contractor for shingle roof repair in San Diego:

  • Make sure the one you hire is licensed and insured so that you are assured that you have no financial and legal liabilities in case an accident happens to the worker while doing the repair.
  • It has long years of experience in the industry for quality roofing repair results (ask your prospects how long have they been in business)
  • Top quality portfolio (your prospect’s roofing projects in the past should be scrutinized to ensure that they indeed are able to provide quality shingle roof repair)
  • Industry recognition (top roofing repair service providers are recognized in the industry – check your prospect if their brand is included in the elite circle in area)

Here are some of the most common shingle roof problems that roofing companies are able to fix:

  • Aluminum ridge vent with nails
  • Blown off cap
  • Broken/leaking shingles
  • Delaminating/ sliding shingles
  • Drip edge with flat shelf
  • Ell flashing not sealed properly
  • Fasteners uplifting
  • Flashing rusting
  • Fiberglass intermat showing
  • Hail damage

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Roof Rain Damage Repair Carlsbad CA

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Roof Rain Damage Repair Carlsbad CA

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Roof Rain Damage Repair Carlsbad CA

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Flat Roof Leak Repair – DIY Hints and Tips

Ever wondered why you rarely see flat roofs on house garages anymore? Our house, along with all the other houses on our estate built in the 70s came with a flat and leaky garage roof. Faced with a bill of £1000 for a new roof I chose instead to repair and waterproof the whole roof using Isoflex Liquid Rubber, The protective gravel was removed and then the roof was coated with first the primer and then the Liquid Rubber. That was in 1980 and since then, apart from the occasional small leak, the roof remains water tight. The initial cost of re-coating was about £400 (1980 prices) and since then cost maybe £100 on Isoflex to fix small leaks. By checking for leaks regularly and keeping the roof free of silt, moss and leaves, a felt roof’s life can be extended indefinitely.

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